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Lars Olesen

When I was a teenager I had many considerations in relation to sustainable energy, as I found our dependence on polluting energy and non-democratic regimes hard to accept. That led me to study physics in the hope of contributing to a sustainable replacement of conventional black energy sources.

My studies ended up with a PhD in surface physics and quantum mechanics and a minor in computer science. With that in the luggage I left the academics while I was post-doc. Being curious about a professional life in the tech industry I wanted to check that out.

The next decade I spent in various R&D positions spanning from Software Engineer via Systems Engineer to Head of Department. During that period I had not forgotten my considerations about sustainable energy, but they were not part of my professional life.

In 2007 I changed all that. Essentially, I made a strategic decision about my work life: It should have the higher purpose to help the breakthrough of renewable energy. So for four years I worked within development of wind turbines. Then I moved on to the utility sector as head of an R&D section working with wave, wind, hydro and solar power. During that five-year period it was very rewarding to experience, how wind and solar power became so cheap that they effectively outperform the fossil energy sources oil, coal and gas.

In recent years, additional challenges regarding sustainability have caught my attention. Of course, I have not been totally ignorant to the concept of circular economy earlier on. But my interest intensified when I started to look into the overall situation for future human prospering on planet Earth. The conclusion is crystal clear: We simply need to abandon our catastrophic linear economy. The seriousness of the situation is eye-opening and calls for action. Consequently, I resigned from my job to found

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