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My Mission

My Mission

Hi - I'm Lars Olesen and I'm really thrilled that you have found your way to our homepage.

I founded in 2017 to help accelerate the transition to circular economy.


If you're curious about my professional background and the foundation of, I invite you to read the background story.

Lars Olesen, Founder of

My Belief

In my private life I try to act as I preach. Doing so, I recognize that it's difficult as an individual to be truly circular. Often the most obvious way to reduce waste is to minimize consumption.

From a resource perspective this is good - or less bad to be more precise.

Unfortunately, it is not truly circular as long as we don't manage to get everything back into the loop again.

But I firmly believe, the more conscious we are, the more circular products we choose, and the more we promote circularity in our communities, the faster the transition will be in the interest of the entire humanity.

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